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THE ULTIMATE LEVEL & WORLD CREATION TOOL for competitive speedrunners and brilliant level creators!

D A S H is a predesigned game but most importantly one which allows you to build one yourself. You take full control of a custom platformer hero and level editor as you create and master your very own 2D platformer world - block by block, enemy by enemy, gap by gap. The game is meant to show how easy and fun it is to design 2D platformer levels, to master and share them!

  • Build your own levels from the ground in a colorful pixel world
  • Customize your story, and choose your hero, objective, nemesis, musical theme & much more
  • Lots of blocksets, enemies, backgrounds, and game tools to play with
  • Monthly free updates with new game modes, heroes, blocksets and more
  • Full Twitch and Steam integration to maximize the community of level builders
  • Full controller support and local multiplayer
  • Coming to Early Access on Steam late 2018



D A S H is currently in ALPHA state on Steam. Being tested, developed and designed by the DASHers

We are the ultimate terraformers
— @Bo2015 (Twitch 2018)
DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes

turn-based survival and action-packed mini-games

Urban Pirate is Baby Duka's original and unique petty crime simulation game for Windows and Linux.

You will roam the streets of Sheep Island, dodging police cars, eating shoplifted meals. You will travel to Shark City and challenge the established order with your streetwise charm and destructible lifestyle.

There are raves to attend, skateboarding skills to master, buildings to squat in, and trains to graffiti. Who knew that being a criminal could be so time-consuming
— Rock Paper Shotgun




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