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by baby duka

News, Updates, Fixes and Community-driven Content  |  DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes

Current build: dashalpha 1.0.2 (Windows)  |  Official Early Access release: late 2018

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What Is DASH And Why Am I Here!?

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes is a Powerful 2D Precision Platformer Program. Currently for Windows PCs on Steam with Steam Workshop integration (shared levels, ranking, forum).

It comes with an ever-expanding editor with community-driven content, unique pixelated personalities and tons of genius user-generated content!

You're here because you are a content creator, a speedrunner, a level creator, a game breaker, or to put it simple: you're here because you came to experience the #DASHgame!


Building the Best Game Based On The Community!

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes offers community-driven content based on the core game by Baby Duka. Every week this space will be saved to feature and discuss the suggested content for the next monthly update!

The first monthly update will be on SEPTEMBER 1st 2018 and it will contain the subjects which have been voted for in the forums (discord & twitch)!

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Mr Concerned And His "Expert Level" Design

Every week we present an exciting CC (CONTENT creator). This week Mr Concerned (Twitch: @MrConcerned) will talk about what he likes to see the player master and which tiles are his favorites



we're working hard to establish everything needed so that everyone can have the best experience once the first build is out via steam. if you're not yet accepted as an official part of the test team you can go to the 'contact' tab and write us (fill out 'Name', 'Experience','why you like dash' and 'system configs and hardware').

When the alpha build is ready to share and you have been accepted, we will reach you by mail.

the ultimate way to get the news first is to join the discord and become a part of the growing community of dashers!