by baby duka & SCHUBELL IT ©TM 2017 - 2019

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes for windows and linux

Current build: EARLY ACCESS (steam)


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Create, compete, connect

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes is a 2D action/precision platformer where the worlds you compete in are created by the players! Take part in tournaments and speed leagues to define who is the smartest and the fastest. Sit back as the creator, and watch people from around the world play your levels.

Easy and intuitive editor in a beautiful and detailed pixel art world. Multiple enemies, tilesets, backgrounds, game tools and heroes. Each hero with their individual style and stats!

Help us develop the game! The DASH community server on Discord is open 24/7 ready for bug reports, feedback and new ideas! You can join the development already! Enter our discord server today to get started!

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DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes has launced on Steam in early access. be the first to get your hands on the creative, competitive and speedrun-focused retro 2D platformer maker!

Created by baby Duka and schubell it in copenhagen denmark.

visit for more information about the developer.