Level by Buenaventura. a rainy day in the jungle. the raider infiltrating an enemy warehouse

Level by Buenaventura. a rainy day in the jungle. the raider infiltrating an enemy warehouse

meet the creators!

Every now and then new DASH content creators are featured here on the spot. This week is Buenaventura who is a level creator and casual player, as well as discord regular and tester of the linux build of DASH.

Hi Buenaventura! Where are you from?

I am from southern Sweden, right across the bridge from Baby Duka.

What's your favorite part about DASH?

I like the art style, the very fast movement and the amount of dashes and double jumps and stuff enabling you to move really fluidly and fast. And of course the level editor!

What is your preferred style when building levels?

I want to make levels that are somehow "plausible", "real" locations that are not dependent upon some duffie or raider coming there to ruin the day, with a self contained logic to their structure/look. Like a ruined skyskraper, or a downed spaceship, or a jungle warehouse, instead of something like five random blocks in the sky with lots of spikes everywhere! I dream up imaginary stories about my level, but I like that they are not explicit but up to the player to create while they are playing. The limited art style/amount of blocks is good because they leave a lot up to be interpreted by the player.
The level should be quite open ended so that you can choose your path and hero and try different levels of risk and reward to find the fastest possible route. I don't use many spikes or death pits, instead I try to make levels that can be played quite casually if you want to.

Who is you favorite Hero?

I like the raider, she is so cool! With an awesome Uzi.

What is your favorite building block?

The basic block is my favorite, and I like using the variations of it to create a natural/plausible/organic look.

What is your wishes for the next update on DASH?

I only need some bug-fixes so I can use my controller, and a way to remap buttons! Also I would love some more variations on the blocks, and background/decorative blocks like trees or street lights, and doors that require key cards, and longs levels of any shape, made up of multiple screens etc. etc. And the overworld map! And night time setting, where the slappers are asleep and will only wake up if you go near them? And with limited vision for your character! I could go on forever!


Thank you so much buenaventura. DASH ON!

Twitch: @iskrabuenaventura |  Discord: @buenaventura

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